07/14/2014 03:59 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

12 Things I Would Whisper to a Newborn Child

Blend Images/Mike Kemp via Getty Images

If I could whisper to a newborn child, this is what I would whisper:

1.You are enough.


2.One of the greatest gifts you receive in life will be discovering who you are.


3. You have an essential ingredient in a recipe to share. Spirit gave you gifts to offer. No one else has what you have. No one.


4. Your greatest responsibility to yourself will be sharing who you are with others. And only you possess what it is you bring.


5. Without seeing your gifts, you won't know yourself. This is one of the tricks in life -- learning to see and cherish what we take for granted. At first, you may not see your gifts because they may seem as familiar as the air you breathe. It is possible to not see and not value who you are, but make time every day to tap into your own life force.


6. When you feel green with jealousy of someone else sharing their light or receiving love, ask yourself, "What light can I share with the world?" Do not let jealousy destroy you or turn you to cruel thoughts and actions towards others. Jealousy is hard to name, we call it many other names to avoid admitting it is our own feeling of lack and a desire for love that we are confronting. Jealousy means you have something to develop and offer within yourself that you have not yet shared, or perhaps you shared and you were not seen. Be willing to risk again and again.


7. Be brave, dear child, be brave, again and again and again. Be willing to feel vulnerable and exposed. Be willing to make new friends who can see you. Like the bird who chirps in a tree, be willing to keep making noise. It is important to be seen for who you truly are -- not as bad, but as the sparkling, unique essence that you came with and came from.


8. Be willing to learn to crawl, learn to walk, learn to run and then learn to fly. Learning how to fly means learning how to let go of suffering and of people and things that drag you down. Learning how to fly is why you are here. Figure out what it means to you to fly. And then fly!


9. Spend your life finding your gifts and developing skills and avenues for sharing them. Allow yourself the respect to get better at things you naturally love.


10. Allow yourself to be radical in your self love, to treat yourself with the deepest of respect, affection and compassion.


11. As you respect yourself, you will respect others. As you show yourself kindness and affection, you will share it with others. As you are forgiving and compassionate with yourself, you be forgiving and compassionate with others. This is a good way to live.


12. And remember sweet, sweet child to laugh. Because each laugh is unique, and bells in heaven ring when there is laughter on Earth.



Kathleen Buckstaff is the author of two books that celebrate life and motherhood:Mother Advice To Take With You To College, a collection of hilarious drawings and wise sayings, and The Tiffany Box: A Memoir, an International Best Book Awards Finalist, a true story told through emails and letters about the last two years of Kathleen's mother's life, full of laughter and tears.