06/05/2013 05:23 pm ET Updated Aug 05, 2013

Graduates! Leap Into Your Passion and Purpose -- Profits Will Come!

Today is your day to be on your way! But to where? Your choices are endless and your opportunities to create the life and the world you want are at your feet. As I joined thousands watching Oprah give her commencement speech at Harvard, I was filled with humility and gratitude at the extraordinary opportunity we each have to fully leap into our lives, make a difference in the world, and pursue our dreams.

But how do you ensure you step onto the path that is right for you, with so many paths ahead, and so many possible steps?

  1. Take the time now to pause and connect with your passion, purpose, and the authentic gifts within you. The faster you can dig deep into all that is within you and your deepest desires, the sooner you will manifest those desires in your life. Know what makes you feel most passionate and purposeful. What compels you? What is worth your dedication and commitment? What fills you with goosebumps? What impact do you want your activities to have on your life and in the world? These are big questions, but you deserve to give yourself the time to answer them from the depths of you before committing yourself to anything. Don't wait! Pause and release the passion and purpose within you. Don't settle or compromise--there is no need!
  2. Allow your "true self" to be your compass. With each option that comes to you, a vibration will emerge from within you. That is your true self bursting into life, and it is your best compass to feel whether the opportunity is right for you, beyond any rational analysis. Rational analysis is important, but alone, will never give you your best decision. Remember, we were born as sentient beings to call upon what "feels" right. Always be true to the vibrations within you--they will guide you to the right paths and the right decisions, through some of the most difficult you will face.
  3. Put your passion and purpose before your pay. Avoid the temptation to seek your best pay before your greatest passion and purpose. Doing so can lead you down a short-lived path of fulfillment. Your ultimate happiness, wealth, well-being, and love, will come only by putting your passion and purpose before your pay. That doesn't mean making decisions in absence of pay, only ensuring that you know where your short-term pay comes on your priority list, and trusting that your internal compass will guide you in the right direction for your long term profits and abundance.
  4. Be clear in your intention and visualize your outcomes! Clearly state your intention for your passion and purpose-driven actions and endeavors. What outcome do you wish to achieve? What does "authentic" success look like to you? What would make you most proud of your contributions to your life and the world? What would your legacy look like? Then, seek images that represent those things to you and create your vision album filled with those images--it can be as easy as seeking images on-line and downloading them into your mobile image album where they can be instant inspiration for you every day. When you are faced with a decision, review your vision album and contemplate if your choice will get you closer to your vision.
  5. Ask for what you need! Know what you need to achieve your desires and ask for it. You will attract all you need, with time, patience, and endurance. Find people who are inspirations to you in the areas you intend to impact. Reach out to them, and ask for their help, support, guidance, and words of wisdom. You will be surprised how often you will get exactly what you need. Remember--you are only as alone as you choose to be, in your life and in your endeavors. Reach out and hold the hands of greatness! Become a master of asking.
  6. Don't stress, instead trust! Use relaxation and mindfulness techniques to tap into your infinite wisdom. A sure way to ease your decision making and eliminate stress is to make a daily habit of relaxation and mindfulness techniques. Why? Well, consider if you would run a marathon without training your body to ensure its fitness. The point of physical training is to ensure your body can get you through the physical challenges of life. So too, mental training will enable you to train your mind so you can make your best decisions guided by your infinite wisdom, rather than be weakened and compromised by forces around you. Search and find the techniques that work for you and create daily habits to keep your body and your mind healthy.
  7. Take 100 percent responsibility for your choices and leap onto your own path! At the end of the day, it comes down to your choices and your decisions. Think of this as "E + R = O," a much-taught equation by W. Clement Stone and Jack Canfield. That is, with each "Event" that occurs in your life, you have the choice to "Respond" in the way that enables you to create your "Outcome." You have the choice and the control, and as soon as you fully accept that, you will be able to transform every event into the outcome you desire. Use your responses to keep you on your path, and if you find yourself off course, look at how your past responses have contributed to your current situation, learn from it, and make the changes you need.
  8. Never be deterred by "No." Never allow the light of your passion and purpose to be dimmed by someone else saying "no." Along your journey, "no" is going to greet you often, so let it become your friend to guide you in the right direction. Oprah said it so beautifully in her Harvard commencement speech,

    "If you're constantly pushing yourself higher, higher, the law of averages, not to mention The Myth of Icarus, predicts that you will at some point fall. And when you do, I want you to know this, remember this: There is no such thing as failure. Failure is just life trying to move us into another direction."

So, leap into your graduate life with your passion and purpose at your core, your infinite and divine wisdom within you as your guide, and take control knowing that you make the choices that give you 100 percent responsibility for the opportunities you want to create for your life and for the world. Profits and abundance will come with your passion and purpose!

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