10/19/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Separated at Birth? Arnold Schwarzenegger and Senator Blanche Lincoln

Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln and Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger may not be in the same political party, but they're in the same camp when it comes to opposing healthcare. What explains this bipartisan overlap? It's not surprising that the GOP's Governator used his veto power to "hasta la vista" child welfare programs, healthcare for the poor and AIDS prevention efforts. But why would a Democrat state, "I would not support a solely government-funded public option. We can't afford that." Some cynics point to the fact that Lincoln is the "2nd highest recipient of campaign contributions from the health industry among senators this year." But I posit a different theory. In the "face" of physical evidence, I propose that Lincoln and Schwarzenegger's similar stances can be traced back to biology, not politics, to nature, not nurture.Their ideological resemblance resembles their physical resemblance. Republicans and Democrats are often more related than we think.