05/14/2010 11:09 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

This Week in Bigotry

  1. In an attempt to "rebrand" Arizona, whose recent immigration law has been called racist, Governor Jan Brewer bans teaching ethnic studies.
  2. After smearing Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan for having worked for civil rights icon Thurgood Marshall, GOP furthers discredits her by pointing out that she read The Diary of Anne Frank, saw the film Gandhi, and admires Martin Luther King.
  3. GOP's increased bigotry transparency, emboldens Rep. Issa to openly oppose the Fulfilling the Potential of Women in Academic Science and Engineering Act.
  4. Iowa Republican State Senator fears state park's decision to grant family camping permits to gay families will increase likelihood of bear attacks.
  5. Catholic school kicks out student whose lesbian parents are in "discord" with Catholicism, reaffirming the Catholic Church's  ultimate authority on questions of sexuality and children.

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