06/28/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Liberty University Revokes College Democrats Chapter for Being UnChristian

Last Friday the students at Liberty University were notified that their recognition by the university had been revoked. Recognition by the university allows students to organize, use classrooms for meetings, and hold events on campus. Recognition was revoked despite the college democrats at Liberty University signing a statement saying they are all pro-life and uphold the University's Values. Chancellor Falwell suggested a compromise for students to disaffiliate with the Democratic National Committee with the additional restriction of no campaigning for democratic candidates on campus who are pro-choice.

Conservatives are afraid of losing young Christians to the Democratic Party as they are finding their values aligning with Democratic Values. Students at Liberty University believe in caring for the environment, helping their neighbor, and ensuring that everyone is provided with healthcare. These are all causes championed by the Democratic Party.

We need to prove that the continued scare tactics by the right wing, no longer works. The students at Liberty University are standing up for their right to organize on campus and share their commonly held beliefs.

Yesterday the plot thickened: After a conference call with the officers of the College Democrats at Liberty University, Chancellor Falwell asked students to apologize for saying they were kicked off campus. After much national outrage at Liberty's actions, they are the ones now demanding that students apologize to them.

In addition to emphasizing how the students are not allowed to organize anymore, Chancellor Falwell stated that the group's affiliation with the Democratic National Committee is one of the main reasons the student organization was revoked.

The College Democrats of America are launching an email campaign to let Chancellor Falwell know that we stand behind the right to free speech and represent religious and political values. Our website has more information and a form email.