11/06/2014 03:46 pm ET Updated Jan 06, 2015

3 Keys for Finding Relief As an Overwhelmed Mom Entrepreneur

NADOFOTOS via Getty Images

Ever have one of those evenings when you just sob about how overwhelmed you are? Everything is just piling on and you're depleted.

I get it.

Let me just tell you, you're not alone. I've been there. Many of my clients have been there. And from what I've heard and seen, most every successful entrepreneur has been there at least once.

From my experience with the beloved overwhelm, I've discovered three simple keys for instant relief when you're feeling overwhelmed. Plus these will even help eliminate future overwhelm from taking over. They're applicable to everyone's situation. Check them out below:

Key 1 :: Check Your Mindset.

"I can't do this all. Maybe I should just give up. This is hard. Am I even doing the right thing?"

When our mindset is stuck in hopelessness, fear, overwhelm and doubt there's not much hope for moving forward. In fact, when we have a crappy mindset our days tend to match that of our mindset.

Our mindset needs to be one that encompasses kindness with the belief in possibility. We need to stop being so damn hard on ourselves when things aren't unfolding the way we 'planned.' When overwhelmed take the time to reflect on what you're telling yourself is possible ... or impossible ... and shift as needed.

If you're stuck here, ask yourself, "What's another way to look at this?"

Key 2 :: Identify the feeling of balance for you.

Balance is more than a buzzword, balance is a feeling. It's a flow. It's being okay with the give and take of motherhood, entrepreneurship, marriage ... and really life in general. Understand balance will look different for me than it will for you. Just as my definition of success is different than yours, so is the feeling of balance.

It irks me to no end when people who can't achieve their own balance scream from the rooftop that balance isn't achievable. It is. I've achieved it and so have countless others. The trick is to understand it's a flow. It's a process and there is no cookie-cutter formula, it's all about finding your feeling balance.

My balance is having a routine and then being okay when that routine gets interrupted by something more urgent. My balance is setting realistic expectations and being examples for my family on dealing with life on life's terms. It's dropping harsh judgements of myself and eliminating the pitfall of comparison.

Balance is being human, accepting the present moment in life, moving forward with purpose and embracing the flow.

Key 3 :: Clear the clutter and start simplifying.

When we're overwhelmed we've likely overcommitted in one way or another. Clear any meaningless clutter from your schedule, your mindset and physical space. Use the overwhelm as your drive to simplify down to only your most precious priorities.

For your physical space, commit to only owning items that you absolutely love or need. You'd be shocked as to how many items we hold on to for many reasons other than that.

For your mental space, practice meditation and inviting stillness and silence into your life. The more you practice this, the less difficult it will seem. You could even invite your family into your meditation time.

And as for your schedule and all those things you claim you HAVE to get done and HAVE to do. Challenge yourself as to how many items you can clear off your calendar. Ask yourself, "How important is this really?" Or "What's the worst that could happen if I DON'T do this anymore?"

Once you adopt these into your life you'll not only more easily be able to escape from overwhelm but you'll learn how to prevent in the first place.


Written by Katie O'Brien, Simplicity Coach for Mom Entrepreneurs. Click here to visit her website and learn how you, too, can easily simplify your life and business.