11/03/2014 01:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Why I'm So Glad That You're Not Good Enough


When was the last time you said "I'm not good enough?" then beat yourself up for it, because you thought, "Ohhhh I shouldn't say that to myself" then weakly tried to correct it with a flimsy "I am good enough," leaving you feeling shocked at how NOT-SO-AMAZING it made you feel?

We've all experienced this, and it can often make us doubt whether the power of "positive thinking" really works.

There is a big craze making its rounds at the moment where people are getting rid of their feelings of not being good enough and replacing it with the new belief that "I am good enough."

I'm here to inform you that you are NOT good enough.
And for that you should be deeply grateful!


Woooaaahhhhhhh there, before you get your knives and pitch forks out, and saddle up on your high horse, let me explain!

You are so much more than good enough.

By labeling yourself as simply "good enough," you are undermining how truly great, how unlimited and how amazing you really are.

The words "good enough" suggests you are settling for something that is not its full potential. You're settling for something that's not completely amazing, and not absolutely perfect (which is ridiculous because you truly are unlimited, amazing and perfect).

The words "good enough" also encourage you to compare yourself with others. As in order to be "good enough" you need to fit into a pre-determined cookie cutter definition of what it means to be "good enough," and we instantly ask ourselves: "Good enough... well, compared to who or what?" The statement actually encourages us to compare ourselves with others, and we all know that's a nasty monster to feed.



Of all of the 40 million sperm in the great race to golden egg, YOU were the one who was quickest, strongest, most resilient and the smartest, you were the one who made it.

By coming into this world you have already won the race -- you've made it. And you have nothing to prove to anyone -- but yourself.

Now it's about time you realized just how truly magnificent you are. You, my friend, are in a league of your own. You are running your own race against only yourself.

So stop comparing yourself with others.

Stop disempowering yourself with the notion of being "good enough," and instead start using positive, buzzing, and empowering language like:

• I am amazing
• I am unlimited
• I am magnificent
• I am powerful
• I am outstanding
• I am unstoppable

By making this little shift in how you see and how you address yourself, so much will begin to radically improve for you.

You will find yourself automatically stepping up and playing an even bigger game, feeling more intense feelings of motivation, confidence and fulfillment in every moment!

As Nelson Mandela supports, "There is no passion to be found in playing small... in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."

Step up and own your true greatness!