08/06/2010 12:18 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

D'Lola Couture-Dresses As Unique As The Bride

It is extremely important for the bride to find a wedding dress that truly represents her. Luckily, the dresses are no longer plain white with a hit of sparkle. Now, the dresses have attitude and flare. D'lola Couture, by Deedee Vicory has the perfect combination of the vintage bridal gown and modern twist to create masterpieces.

D'lola is one of the newest bridal line in Colorado. Each dress tells its own story and has its own personality. One of D'Lola's signature designs is the Alexandra gown, which is inspired by the 1920's flapper style. According to the website,, "Alexandra brings modesty and sassiness to the aisle for the bride that is truly unique."

A distinctive aspect of D'Lola is that each wedding dress is named after someone who has positively influenced Deedee Vicory at some point in her life. "Each dress matches the person, which is incredible," said co-associate producer Laura Backin. D'Lola creates about 40 to 30 dresses a week.

D'lola was one of the four featured lines in the Fashion Fest 2010. Fashion Fest has made quite an impact on not only Colorado fashion, but fashion all over the country.

"The Fashion Fest has had a huge response. Hopefully, it will become an annual event. Mondo Guera, a designer from Denver, who was featured on Project Runway was there. People from New York City to Los Angles were interested in the event," explains Backin.

One the runway, the models were not your average girl. The models had to be as unique as the dress. "The girl had to match the garment," said Backlin. D'Lola posted the opportunity on and D'Lola displayed 20 bridal dresses this year on the runway.

The local designer is an inspiration to all the Denver designers. The Denver Fashion scene is tight knit, but an unstoppable force. "We need a fashion foundation in Colorado. We want people to come here from all over the country, even the around the world to buy fashion made in Colorado, " said Backin.

D'Lola will officially open her boutique in Olde Town Arvada on Saturday August 7th. That is the only location where you can buy her gorgeous gowns. Make sure to visit her website at