06/22/2015 10:44 am ET Updated Jun 21, 2016

How to Take Care of YourSelf-ie

You matter for a moment in today's history and then you are buried under a barrage of other Friends you Like. They are Self-ing too. On top of you. What is the sustainability of this Moment when another's moment elbows us out of the picture in an Instant? And then we are gone into the abyss. The world of Self-ie is carefree, gorgeous, glitch free living. The Self-ie seduces us to paint the story of us and others as absolutely curtains up call ready at all times. Lipstick on, check. Hair blowing in the wind, check. Darling outfit, check. Kissing the air, check. Hip out, tummy in, check. The camera is not my best friend, never has been. I am envious of the dress rehearsal turned show stopper photos Everyone I know can post. I need a Self-ie tutor so I can get with the program. I want to look this fantastic effortlessly and have my life every so easy breezy too. This phenomenon is generating a generation of carefully put together off magazine rack ready lookers that look like they have their shit together. Camera ready at all times. Not a care in the world.

I went for a fine hike on the Wildwood trail again today, with my famous photographer friend, Kelley. This is how I take care of my Self. I hike. I dance. I make soup. I thank. And more of course. I inquire on the uphill climb with Kelley, how do we balance the care of our 'self' with all of this focus on the self-ie-the look of our lives. She gets it. She is the camera for thousands of folks. She is ready and her subjects are usually primed for her get the real Self documenting shots she is known for. Properly primed prior to studio go time since most have sufficient practice with the self-ie. She is a fabulous translator for me, the gal behind the times. I worry that we as a culture, as a generation are not tending to our 'selves' as much these days because we are so concerned about our presentation of Self rather than filling Ourselves. It s full time job looking great and looking like we feel great and all is Perfect.

What is our substance that the camera lens can catch? Where are the non glossy fabulous images of us? The real us? The backstage, how the hell the hell did I get the Green Magic Drink smeared on my cheek again life? The I am cupboard slamming furious with my kids for leaving the milk out and if you take a photo of me right now I may get turned into child services glimpse into my Self-ie frame? Where is the real going? How do we tend to the Self without a Self-ie mission constantly nipping at our ego? Are we being diluted with the constant glimpse of us and others?

Does the look into self mean we are self-centered? How do we balance out the showing and the being of ourselves?

Maybe I am just envious since I lack success with the self-ie. I might consider acquring the Stick to help me. Can you believe a stick to assist in Self-ie ing has been invented and flies off the shelves? I wish I would have patented that. Once I get it-the Ie down, I will most likely shift my perspective on this perplexing self paparazzi phenomenon that has globally swept our image connected world. The presentation of us to the world does matter and the instant response is mirrored back to us with comments and likes.

I am curious to know what makes you you-er than you. How do we tend to ourselves and show our selves to the world? The balance of the substance and the see of us. Whatever it is that makes us Us, the backstage Self is what I wish to see more of stacked in the album of me and us. Now I am off to get myself a stick.