11/20/2014 05:55 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

11 Fulfilling Ways to Keep Your Relationship Youthful

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We all want to do more for our significant others, but sometimes we get so caught up in the stress and hustle of everyday life that we don't do as much as we could to let them know that we love them.

To keep your relationship feeling young and spontaneous, try a few of these simple and fulfilling ways to show your spouse how much you care.

1. Pack a surprise lunch

Take a few extra minutes in the morning to pack a sandwich, veggies and some crackers for your significant other's lunch break and leave them a note to help them find it. Not only will they appreciate your effort, but they'll love the fact that they no longer have to throw their lunch together before running out the door.

2. Go on a coffee date


As we get older, we tend to plan most of our "romantic outings" around dinner, wine and occasionally a movie. Reach into your college-years-dating manual and take your spouse out for some coffee. Coffee shops have a great atmosphere for facilitating conversation and the increasingly cold weather makes coffee a perfect treat any day.

3. Set their commute music

If your spouse is the kind to still listen to CDs, go old-school with this tip and make a nostalgic mix for them. Or, simply make a playlist and upload it to their iPod when they're not looking (just make sure you don't wipe any of their other songs from their iPod when doing so).

4. Leave coffee by the bed

If your spouse wakes up slightly after you, get their coffee ready early and have it waiting on their nightstand. Nothing starts a day off on the right foot quite like the smell of fresh coffee and knowing that someone cares about you.

5. Leave a message on the mirror

If your spouse is one who likes to shower in the morning, write a message on the bathroom mirror so they'll find it while the mirror is steamed up. Or, use mirror markers or sticky tabs to write a short, surprise note.

6. Order flowers

While slightly more expensive than some of the other tips mentioned here, surprising your spouse with flowers for no particular reason is always well-received. Go with something sweet and seasonal, like an autumn bouquet or an arrangement in your spouse's favorite colors.

7. Make a pillow fort

This is a fun way to show off your youthful side and can be especially fun if you have children. Push some furniture around and throw some blankets on top and do a picnic-style dinner from inside the comfort of your own pillow fort. Of course, choosing foods that are easy to handle and not too messy are ideal.

8. Record a video for them

Especially if you and your spouse have staggered morning routines, leave a short video for them on their smartphone, or on a shared digital camera. It's a cute and romantic way for them to see your face in the morning, which can be much appreciated if you're always at work by the time they wake up.

9. Stay physically close


This isn't to say that you need to be having sex every single night of the week (although if you are, good for you). Simply remembering to grab your spouse's hand or wrap your arms around him or her is helpful in releasing hormones that make both of you feel good, and can improve your mental and physical sincerity with one another.

10. Go for walks together

Taking a walk down your street or around a park is a great way to get a little extra exercise and talk to your significant other. Many of us fall into the nasty habit of collapsing on the couch after dinner and only exchanging words during commercial breaks. Instead of watching TV all night, hold hands and take a 30-minute stroll.

11. Make your decisions together

Depending on how long you've been with your partner, you may not feel that it's entirely necessary to talk everything over with your spouse before you take action.

But even if it's something unimportant, like what you want for dinner, ask your spouse's opinion on it. The gesture shows that you care what she or he thinks, and that you're willing to put their preferences above your own.

In what special ways do you keep your relationship youthful? I'd love to hear about them in the comments section below.

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