06/11/2013 08:35 am ET Updated Aug 11, 2013

Letter to the Clothing Store Cashier

Dear Cashier,

I know it's annoying that I'm returning so many items, some of which are the exact same thing, just in different sizes. Yes, I do know that there's a fitting room in your store, thank you for pointing that out to me. The thing is, I recently had a child, a wonderful, life-changing experience. One of those changes being that I have no idea what size my ass is and I no longer have the luxury of trying clothes on in the store. You see how well-behaved this adorable bundle of joy in my arms is right now? Well, two minutes ago, when I tried to use your fitting room, she was screaming like someone was tearing her limbs from her body in slow motion.

I used to be just like you. I used to look at the women with screaming, misbehaved babies and think, why can't this woman control her kid? I used to give an annoyed look and turn up the volume on my iPod. Now, I nod at those women in empathy and understanding. Because, you see, babies don't "misbehave." They simply have no way to communicate with us other than to cry. Sometimes, all they're crying for is their mommy. Babies need to be held, to feel secure. They can't just be expected to lie in a stroller and be quiet.

So, I can either try on those clothes, find the right size now and make your life easier without all of these returns. Although you'd have to endure hearing my child screaming during the process. And I'm sure you would like that even less than you seem to like all of these returns. Or, I can attend to the needs of my child and pick her up, making it damn near impossible for me to use your fitting room for anything other than breastfeeding. You see, as I stand here, juggling my child, my receipts and the returns for which I have already apologized for (despite that being part of your job) I have put the needs of my child first. That is my job. And it seems I'm doing a much better job at it than you are at yours of customer service.


Mothers everywhere