04/05/2013 02:17 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rainy Wedding Days

As April showers roll in, you don't need to worry that the rain will ruin your wedding day (or your wedding photos). As these couples prove, a rainy wedding day can actually set the scene for gorgeous, romantic photos. If you're worried about rain at your wedding, finding a cute umbrella plus a fun raincoat and boots to wear with your wedding dress can ease some of that stress. Take a cue from these photos of couples on their gray wedding days.

1. Sweater Weather
This bride looks cozy and warm in her wedding cardigan.
Photo by Braedon Photography on Society Bride via Loverly.

2. Lady in Red
A bright umbrella and beautiful bride make this gorgeous photo.
Photo by Grand Design Photography on Maharani Weddings via Loverly.

3. Don't Miss the Boat
It doesn't get more romantic than this.
Photo by Braedon Photography on Inspired by This via Loverly.

4. Cozy Couple
A cute couple snuggled under an umbrella together is heartwarming.
Photo by Leo Patrone on Snippet and Ink via Loverly.

5. Sweet Romance
If it looks like rain, a pink trench is the way to go.
Photo by Bragi Þór Jósefsson on Inspired by This via Loverly.

6. Smooch in Boots
Cute rain boots are a must!
Photo by Beaux Arts Photographie on Snippet and Ink via Loverly.

7. Family First
We love this sweet moment being shared under the umbrella.
Photo by Stone Crandall Photography on Snippet and Ink via Loverly.

8. Party On
Collect bright umbrellas for you and your bridal party a few days before your wedding -- just in case.
Photo by Nerida McMurray Photography on Polka Dot Bride via Loverly.

9. Classic Romance
This photo is an instant classic.
Photo by Elizabeth Messina on Snippet and Ink via Loverly.

10. Stand By Me
Any bridesmaid willing to hold the umbrella so you stay dry during your wedding is a true friend.
Photo by Cuppa Photography on Heart Love Always via Loverly.

11. Fall in Love
A rainy fall day can be the perfect photo op.
Photo by Braedon Photography via Loverly.

12. Bright Spot
Colorful Wellies are a bright spot on this gray wedding day.
Photo by Chesterton Smith Photography on Polka Dot Bride via Loverly.

13. The Big Exit
A rainy sendoff is super romantic.
Photo by Kiley Blatch on Polka Dot Bride via Loverly.

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