10/11/2014 11:22 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Creating Reality on Oprah: Finding My Famous Birth Dad and Aunt and Sharing the First Piece of Our Story

I used to dream of being on Oprah, where she would help me find my birth mother and father. And now, this Sunday, I will actually be on Oprah with my birth father!

There were many shows Oprah did when I was young where she would unite family. It always made me cry. I loved my parents so much and wouldn't ever wish for a different upbringing, but not knowing part of your history is always a challenge that manifested in many ways throughout my early and young adult life.

I never wrote Oprah a letter or anything, but I imagined it. I wondered what they would look like, what they did. In my adult years I imagined maybe they were like me and made music, were entrepreneurs, and were activists Eventually after a very complicated and ironic situation occurred in an adoption support group I took part in, I was given the info needed to be able to find my birth mom. While I did get to speak with her and learn a few things, It did not end in us meeting or staying in touch. I was very sad about this but understood how hard this must be for her. I still hold out hope that we may unite one day.

Then my adoptive father that raised me passed away. We were so close and he was such a great dad. Just a few years prior, my mom and best friend that raised me had a near death battle with cancer as well, that she thankfully survived. I had a lot of fear and anguish about my parents and was heartbroken on many levels, feeling like I lost two parents and almost a third in a matter of a few years. I wanted to focus on my mom and my "framily" as I like to call it, and began getting even more into music, spirituality and activism. I officially gave up on the chance of finding my birth father as he was listed as unknown on my birth certificate and it was unlikely that I would be able to get info from my birth mom.

Fast forward a few years to what you might call a "made for tv movie" story that ended in me not only finding out who he was, but building a relationship with him and his family that I so cherish. They are amazing! My birth dad Jimmy McNichol and my aunt Kristy McNichol, both were huge stars in the 70's. They both were in many movies, on TV Shows, and also sang and dance.



And best of all, I had always dreamed of having siblings and Jimmy's two children, Nash and Ellis welcomed me with open arms!


In addition, they were activists and my dad later became an entrepreneur. So it seems DNA really does play a role! Here was one of the first videos I saw of them doing a show they were trying to get picked up that raised awareness about the ecological crisis! It was never picked up as it was before its time and before being green became the norm.

I will leave the unbelievable details of how I found my birth parents and more for another article and some future projects through which I hope to help others in similar situation. But this Sunday October 12, on Oprah’s OWN show "Where are they now" at 9pm you can get a glimpse of the story.

It seems my dreams became reality. Although I didn’t find him on Oprah, we will BE on Oprah and my birth dad and aunt Kristy were and are actors, singers, songwriters, entrepreneurs and activists.

Stay tuned after this for more about our journey together as we have many projects in the works!