02/02/2015 02:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Weekly Rune -- Tiwaz

For the week 1 February 2015


For the last few weeks, relationships and how we feel about specific ones has been the focus of the runes. With Algiz as the half-month rune, this week we sit camouflaged cozily in its native grasses, as Tiwaz, this week's rune, brings a second wind.

The thing to keep in mind about Algiz is its ability to cloak us in the homefront. 'Shapeshifter' is the concept associated with this stave, generally speaking. The heart of it, though, is the feeling of home, what is native. Algiz will be the runic governance through mid-day, 13 February. Learn more about the half-month.

This week, Tiwaz brings a 'mach-2 with your hair on fire' feel. It may not be pleasant at first, but allow the gear to shift, and it will become home. How could that frenzied drive feel like home, particularly in light of the presence of Algiz?

Algiz provides the warrior stance, and Tiwaz tells us what to do with it. Tiwaz is the rune of the fight of our life coming to the most heart-rending ends. It's the life's dream not becoming reality, ever. It is, however, the Plan B that makes the sun rise, and gives us the passion to care that it did, in spite of everything.

That's what it really comes down to. Even on the darkest of days, somewhere, somehow, intellectually we know it will pass. Mustering the passion to care that it will pass, so much so that we already feel connected to the state of being beyond despair while it's still happening... that's Tiwaz. That's the heart of self that we'll find this week.

Originally published at Soul Intent Arts.