09/14/2012 02:36 pm ET Updated Nov 14, 2012

Glee Wins Me Back With Its Season 4 Premiere

The Glee club won nationals making them the most popular kids in school, so much so that Unique decided to transfer and join the New Directions -- Brittany, Tina, Blaine and Unique vie for who gets to be the new 'Rachel' -- the old Rachel is lonely at NYADA and her dance teacher seems to hate her, but it's OK because she meets a new boy in the shower at 3 a.m. who just might give Finn a run for his money -- Kurt can't seem to move on until Blaine finally convinces him that it's time to let high school go -- Sue has a new baby that looks like she might have Down's Syndrome but no mention is made of it making me like Glee that much more -- Kitty is the new Quinn -- Jake is the new Puck -- Marley is the new Trouty Mouth and Brittany still delivers some of the best lines of the season. And that's what you missed on Glee!

Last night was the season premiere of Glee and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. After a lackluster second half of last season I was skeptical as to whether they would be able regain the magic that the show once had, but I was happy to see that the old Glee was back.

While we watch our favorite Glee Clubbers who are still left at McKinley High vie for who gets to be the new Rachel (which should totally be Tina because Rachel SAID SO!) we get glimpses of Rachel in New York experiencing NYADA all by herself since Kurt didn't get into the school. When Ryan Murphy announced that so many of our favorite cast members would be 'graduating' at the end of last year I was skeptical about how we would be able to care about them once they've moved on. Adding in Kate Hudson was a fabulous idea. Hudson's debut as Cassandra July, Rachel's dance teacher who likes her drink and not Rachel Berry was a perfect addition to the show. Her Lady Gaga/JLo mashup was probably my favourite part of the show, next to Blaine's rendition of 'It's Time' that he sung to Kurt on the steps of the high school.

Which means that my favourite part of Glee was once again the music! Oh, how I've missed the great music! In all honestly I never cared at all about Quinn and Puck's daughter, or Mr. Shue and Miss Pillsbury's relationship or even Rachel and Finn's engagement. What made me love Glee was the music and last night the music was back. Add in some great new characters and fabulous celebrity guest stars (cannot wait for Kurt to run into Sarah Jessica Parker) and I will continue to stick around.

Well done Glee, see you next week.