01/31/2012 05:34 pm ET Updated Apr 01, 2012

Gossip Girl Celebrates 100 Episodes the Upper East Side Way

(Spoiler Alert) I love Gossip Girl. I look forward to watching it every Monday night. And I must admit, after the whole 'Blair makes a pact with God' episode I was afraid the show had officially jumped the shark. I mean, it's definitely not the witty show it was a few seasons ago, but it's still my Monday night guilty pleasure, even if just for the fashion porn and for giving me my Chuck Bass fix. But after Blair decided she couldn't be with Chuck because of some textbook plot device that involved a ridiculously predictable car accident that caused the inevitable miscarriage that resulted in Blair making a pact with The Almighty to preserve her beloved Chuck Bass' life I was ready to call it quits on the show. Thankfully I didn't, because the last two episodes have been more like the old Gossip Girl.

This week's 100th episode redeemed itself and served us up some typical Gossip Girl fare complete with Serena/Dan drama, some Chuck/Blair/Louis love triangle goodness and typical Nate nonsense. And a really, really bad dream sequence that saw Serena channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe. I was actually a little embarrassed by that. Throw in a little Georgina for good measure and you have yourself a 100th episode!

The show started with gossip girl promising us all that she would be back, and she would choose her moment to reveal herself very carefully. Of course we all know that it involves the wedding of Blair and Louis but how she would choose to make her presence known was a mystery. Enter Georgina who always manages to show up when the show needs a little bit of entertainment. I'm not a Michelle Trachtenberg fan and she isn't my first choice to play Georgina, but she certainly seems to relish her role as the troublemaker.

This episode was quite predictable during the first half -- Blair was having her typical anxiety over her marriage to the very boring Louis while still in love with the always whispering Chuck Bass (has he always been a whisperer?) Nate and Dan were equally boring, but between Dan's hair and Nate's eyebrows I couldn't look away, and Serena managed to mumble some reassuring words of support to her best friend on her wedding day. So far, so typical. Up to the point where Blair's mother arrives at Chuck's penthouse to ask him to break up the wedding to ensure her daughter's happiness. Didn't see that one coming.

Chuck of course arrives at the church to see Blair -- Blair confesses her love for Chuck, but for reasons like divine intervention she must choose Louis, and Georgina conveniently gets it all on tape so that she can deliver it to Chuck so he can show it to The Prince and ruin the wedding. But of course Chuck has turned over a new leaf and is honest and good and only wants the best for Blair so he doesn't show Louis the tape and Blair and Louis are standing at the altar ready to exchange vows.

Enter gossip girl and a conveniently timed blast showing Blair telling Chuck that she'll always love him and an entire church full of people who have conveniently forgotten that it's standard wedding protocol to put your phones on vibrate during a wedding. Wait -- this was a royal wedding -- I have a hard time believing that they would be allowed to bring in their cell phones. Technicality I guess. Uh oh Blair, looks like your dreams of being a Princess might not happen after all.

But Blair still has that pact with God so she goes through with the wedding only to find out that Louis has gone all Prince Albert of Monaco on her and she's Princess Charlene. Yikes! But it's not like our Blair to take orders from anyone so she calls her knight in shining armour -- Dan (who still has really bad hair) and becomes the Runaway Bride. Finally, she's come to her senses! But instead of being on the run with Chuck she's on the run with Dan which really just is so boring. And what will Serena think? After all -- in the most insincere bearing of a soul ever -- Serena professed her love to Lonely Boy just moments before Blair called for him.

I must admit, I'm not a fan of the Dan/Blair pairing and even less a fan of Georgina pretending to be gossip girl, but for a 100th episode Gossip Girl delivered and there's promise of some fun episodes to come. Can't wait to see what's next.