12/19/2012 04:11 pm ET Updated Feb 18, 2013

The Gossip Girl Season Finale: You Know I Loved It XOXO

*Caution: this post contains spoilers*

So did you watch? Did you watch the series finale of Gossip Girl last night? Because even if you gave up on the show 2 seasons ago (because it got almost too ridiculously boring to keep watching) you had to tune in to see who Gossip Girl really was, right? And it was so worth it too, no?

I've watched Gossip Girl from the beginning (I've also read all the books) and even after suffering through the last two very painfully boring seasons I sat on the edge of my seat last night as I watched, for the last time, my favorite Upper East Siders do what they do best -- be fabulous.

This season has been a bit all over the place -- with Chuck still trying to take down his dad, with Ivy still trying to take down Lily, with Dan still trying to take down all of the Upper East Side so he could somehow fit in, with Blair trying to find her own niche in the design industry, with Nate trying to run a business without turning into his father and with Serena and her daddy issues constantly searching for love in all the wrong places, but in the end none of that mattered because the writers gave the fans exactly what they wanted with the series finale.

In the end, diehard fans just really wanted a happy ending, and the writers delivered. Not only did Chuck and Blair and Serena and Dan finally end up together, but we found out who Gossip Girl was and it was awesome! Of course Dan was Gossip Girl -- it made perfect sense. And it made perfect sense that he revealed it in a expose that he delivered to Nate ensuring the success of Nate's paper.

How perfect that the writers showed us all of our favorite past and present characters reading the blast from The Spectator revealing that it was Lonely Boy all along that was the brains behind Gossip Girl. I loved seeing the reactions of Vanessa and Lola and Juliette and all of the past characters as they read Dan's big reveal, as well as seeing the Jenny and Eric and the rest of the families back together for Dan and Serena's wedding.

So while I found the entire final season of Gossip Girl boring at best, the series finale delivered the goods. And is it just me, or can you not wait for a Georgina Sparks/Jack Bass spin off series?

You know I loved it. XOXO