01/10/2012 10:41 am ET Updated Mar 11, 2012

The Pressure of Coming Up With a Celebrity Baby Name

I appreciate the difficulty in choosing the perfect name for your baby; after all I've done it four times myself. I, however, didn't have the public weighing in on my selection and casting their opinions on my choice as if they had some kind of say in the matter. When you're a celebrity the pressure to come up with a moniker that lives up to the hype must be daunting because regardless of the name you choose, chances are someone's not going to like it.

Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed their first child, a daughter, this past weekend after previous reports that she was born a week earlier and named Tiana May Carter. The baby is in fact named Blue Ivy Carter. Yes, that's right, her name is Blue.

Here's the thing about baby Blue -- I don't dislike the name at all, in fact when said alone I kinda like it, it's kinda cute. I don't dislike the name Ivy either, especially given Beyonce and Jay-Z's love for the number 4 (IV, get it?) but I don't like the name Blue Ivy. This is a child who was born Hip Hop royalty, who was announced in dramatic fashion at the MTV Music Awards, whose mother's name is Beyonce, her aunt is Solange, and her Grandmother's clothing line is The House of Dereon. And her name is Blue Ivy. It just doesn't seem to fit.

To me Blue Ivy sounds like the name of some all girl pop group that was formed on a reality show, or a b-list movie starring f-list celebrities, or worse -- it almost sounds like Paris. Not phonetically of course, but how one would say Paris. To me how you would say Paris is how you would say Blue. And I would like to think that the child of Beyonce and Jay-Z is not a 'Paris.' It's true, I would have liked Ivy Blue better than Blue Ivy but fortunately I'm sure that neither Beyonce nor Jay-Z care what I think.

Then there's the whole 'Ivy' part. Very clever if the meaning is really to reflect their love of the number 4, but didn't Victoria and David Beckham already do the number thing when they named their daughter Harper Seven? And when Alicia Silverstone delivered her son earlier this year she named him Bear Blu. I guess I just didn't expect something so clichéd from Beyonce and Jay-Z. But again that's the problem -- why do we expect so much out of celebrities when it comes to naming their own children? After all, they are the parents and what they choose to name their baby should be no one else's concern.

Celebrities are known for giving their children somewhat unique names, but it was Gwyneth Paltrow naming her daughter Apple that raised the bar for unique baby names. We really saw how the reveal of a celebrity baby names became more anticipated than even the gender of the baby. 'What's its name' became almost as popular as 'who are you wearing?' 2011 saw baby names such as Moroccan and Monroe, Willow, Harper, Haven, Bear, Aleph and Flynn all born to celebrity parents. Not an 'Isabella' or a 'Jacob' in the lot, but clearly setting the trend for what's to come in the future.

Is there too much pressure for celebrities to come up the perfect baby name? Is there a name that Beyonce and Jay-Z could have chosen a name that would have made all of us happy? Chances are no, and fortunately I'm sure that Beyonce and Jay-Z could care less what we think. But for as much criticism as the name is getting, I predict that in about five years there will be an influx of kids named Blue entering Kindergarten.