09/23/2013 02:43 pm ET Updated Nov 23, 2013

Rich Smell of Success With COeverywhere

With each new launch there are a billion failures it took to get there, a million bank accounts broken, dreams lost, lives changed and hopes dashed. Rarely is there the almighty "PING!" A venture that makes a ripple in the water that crescendos each and every day... COeverywhere is such a company. After launching just a few short weeks ago, their app has already been featured in Tech Crunch and in Apple's App Store. COeverywhere as defined by the founders means "collaborate everywhere."

I recently sat down with the founders, CEO Tony Longo and his second "wife," CTO Dan Adams. I met Longo over a year ago in his newly adopted city, Boston, on the MIT campus where he was fresh off an acquisition of his last venture from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate and had begun Block Avenue.

As with many ventures in the startup realm, what you begin with is not always what you finish with, and while far from the finish, Adams and Longo have one of the most exciting platforms to reach the social scene in recent history.

With its initial launch as Block Avenue, the program was a way to learn more about micro-neighborhoods around you to efficiently evaluate an area you might be considering buying or renting. The partners felt over time, the implications were too narrow and the opportunity too abundant to be limited by the real estate play and began to explore ways of aggregating messages and compiling data far out of their Boston digs. There began the foray into what has become COeverywhere. This app (currently available for the iPhone) enables you to travel to over 72 countries, down to places as obscure as Namibia, and as well attended as the Playboy Mansion or the Louvre. You visit in real time, and engage with feeds from the likes of Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Eventbrite Facebook, and more.

Today, COeverywhere is located in the PayPal Headquarters, waterfront, in the center of downtown Boston. Much like their landlord they are poised for greatness, acquisition, and possible world domination.

Imagine being 7,500 miles or so as the crow flies to Paris (the distance from Hawaii to Paris) and being able to see real time streams of people standing in front of the Mona Lisa or Michael Angelo's, David. Your seeing their most recent conversations, photos, thoughts, and the latest feature, video. It's fascinating to hear what other people think, and see what they're experiencing without having to run a tedious hashtag search and follow multiple apps. This program does it all for you. From the macro perspective it really gives you an opportunity to experience a place before you get there, discover events or networking opportunities, and even meet some of the locals.

Now take it to the micro level. You know, your street, your "hood". Imagine listening to conversations and learning on a deeper level what is happening in your own backyard. People you pass every day without knowing their story. Now their lives become intertwined with yours, at least on a visual level. It gives you a deeper understanding of the people you reside by, your real-time culture, and perhaps less of a feeling of FoMO (Feeling of Missing Out- more on this phenom next post).

I've waited three years for my husband and I to have the time to visit Italy. So long it's become a friction point in our relationship. Last night, I opened COeverywhere and went without him. While he slept. I went to Siena, Florence and Rome. All in one evening. It was one of the most freeing experiences I've had in a while. I can put off visiting Italy in person for a little while longer. Tomorrow I'll be seeing what's happening in my backyard of Hawaii Kai. trying to learn a little more about the people I don't get to see very much and engaging in a more real way with those who have similar interests and lifestyles as you. Or try something completely different. Get out of your comfort zone. It's safe, free and liberating.

Get to it. Explore. Engage with those who resonate with you. Isn't that what social is all about?