Gluten-Free Spice Muffins With Dark Chocolate Streusel

Brown rice flour is your friend in these light and fluffy muffins.
09/04/2013 08:56 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017


Let me just start with this: brown rice flour is your friend. So many people are choosing a gluten-free lifestyle these days because they just feel so much better! And while I'm not entirely gluten-free myself, I am experimenting with more gluten-free recipes in the kitchen... to share with all of you. It really isn't scary or hard.

First step: buy gluten-free flour.

I once bought some almond flour to use for baking, and everything I made was a miserable fail. Thankfully brown rice flour is an entirely different story! Either it bakes up differently than almond flour, or I'm just a better baker in general at this point in my life, or some combination of the two. Either way, I couldn't be more ecstatic about how these gluten-free spice muffins turned out!

Each one is light and fluffy, but not crumbly... a perfect muffin. Filled with nourishing ingredients like Chobani Greek yogurt, honey and even chickpeas, these muffins are extremely satisfying.


And let's just talk about the streusel topping, shall we? I went light on it, because of its ingredients, but it added a wonderful sweet crunch. Just combine butter, coconut sugar, dark chocolate, pistachios and additional brown rice flour... and voila, fancy (and beautiful) muffins!


Get the full recipe here.

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