04/01/2015 07:36 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Faith: 20 Years Strong


When you look up the word 'Incomparable' it means "unable to be compared.' It's also the name of the newest album from Faith Evans. The R&B singer from New Jersey has a music career spanning 20 years. Faith was the first female artist to be signed to Bad Boy Entertainment in 1994 and her first studio album 'Faith' was released in 1995. Faith took to the stage to perform some of her greatest hits and songs from her new album 'Incomparable' that was released in November. On a Sunday night in March in New York City she was the headliner during the monthly showcase of R&B Spotlight that's held at Sounds of Brazil or what is also know as SOBs. Before Faith took the stage, super fans of hers got to hear unsigned talented artist as well J. Drew of the famous Clark Sisters & Sheard family.

If you've never been to a Faith Evans show it mirrors every aspect of her life. The singer has been through a great deal of heartache, pain, and exciting time. That's why I feel it's very fitting to say that her performances are much of the same. Faith takes the listener on an emotional, rocky, yet fun journey. Without a doubt she brought the house with her energy and her legion of fans known as #Faithfuls. Personally, I was excited to be at the show but I was even more excited that I would be getting the opportunity to spend about five minutes with Faith to interview an amazing singer whose songs I have heard playing on the radio since I was 12 years old. I can recall hearing "Soon As I Get Home" blasting from some of my other sister's rooms as I run through the house. So the opportunity to interview her was five minutes well spent. Tunnel Vision Marketing & Consulting is the reason I was able to knock out one of my interview goals.

I met Faith for our brief five-minute chat inside of her dressing room after the show. I wanted to know how she has remained such a force in the music industry for so long, how she's maintained herself over the years and what people can expect from her new music.

KM: Faith, thank you so much for this opportunity. You definitely brought the house down tonight? How did it feel being up there in front of all those ride-or-die Faith fans?

Faith: Oh I had so much fun, I wish that I could have done a longer set but the band that I performed with I haven't worked with them before but I threw in two extra songs and they were able to pick it up. It was just so much fun, it's always good to come back home because the home city is always there to support.

KM: Let's talk about the album 'Incomparable' for a moment. What's different about this one than say some of your previous albums?

Faith: Well, first this is a concept album and details a lot of things that I was going through whether it be with my family or conversationally you know post divorce and getting back into dating. The album really captures a two year period of my life It was so great to bring it all together and make a story out of it. Also to me it's my best album so far. Now I have others coming but it's a really good album to me. All I really wanted was for people to say it's a good album and I have been getting that.

KM: What makes Faith Evans strong?

Faith: First and foremost my family makes me strong. My mother and my grandmother made me strong. My children make me strong and the fact that I wake up at four in the morning to go work out makes me strong. But most of all God keeps me, makes me, made me, fulfills me, you know he is why I am strong.

KM: And you look amazing, let's just go ahead and say that too!

Faith: Thank you, thank you so much.

It's true Faith Evans has transformed her body but her soul remains true to form. Which brings me back to the new album 'Incomparable' and why it is appropriately titled during this time in her life. In her life she has seen her fair share of triumphant times and pain but the journey has been hers and no one could compare to handling it the way that she has. Faith pours her soul into her music and once she hits the stage the #Faithfuls feel it too. 'Incomparable' is available now everywhere music is sold. Give it a listen and let Faith take you on a musical journey.