05/23/2012 08:28 am ET Updated Jul 23, 2012

The Fashion Blogger's Wonderland

Once upon a time, in a realm of Chanel frocks and McQueen masterpieces, there dwelt a coterie of style stargazers with an affinity for all wonders fashion. United by the euphoric marriage of fashion and technology, these bloggers have become the curators of fashion through their blogs, ranging from personal style fashion blogs to abstract blogs featuring artful musings related to the empire of style.

One of the most individualistic aspects of the fashion blogging empire is the psychedelic melting pot of fashionistas. A quaint visit to a fashion blogger from Estonia's page can be accompanied by a tranquil respite to a fashion blogger hailing from Singapore's blog. Harbor an appetite for a certain style? Fashion bloggers christen their home from countless countries around the globe, offering a decadent menu of closet tastes for readers to choose from. Similarly, every wardrobe is cultivated from a variety of budgets; while there may be a menagerie of fashion bloggers that toute Alexander McQueen scarves and pose with Mulberry satchels, there is also a legion of fashion bloggers that dine on the street-style creations of H&M and Zara.

Throughout my fashion blogging sojourn, I have come to the realization that a fashion blog can be a haven for reality escapsists, a paradise for fashion afinicandos to heartily convey their individuality. When I want to flee from temporal afternoons of studying or weekends of social conflict, I immediately seek refuge in my fashion blog, adorned in an imaginary Elie Saab gown. Whether I am in the process of writing a style guide on theme-park outfits or capturing photos for a style blog post, fashion blogging offers me a chance to temporarily abscond from a computer desk into the dreamy runways. If one posseses an amourous love for the beautiful chaos between fashion and writing, the birth of a fashion blog awaits.