Dick Vitale and Cinderella

It was an interesting week for drawing. I did this big drawing of the new Broadway production of Cinderella for PLAYBILL.com, and a drawing of famed sports announcer/commentator, Dick Vitale for the Opinion Page of this weekend's Wall Street Journal.

I began my association with the WSJ in 1995. My late agent, Mary Larkin, got me an assignment to draw some sports figures for an article. I am not a sports fan, and know very little about sports, but this was a nice thing to draw for the WSJ.

I did the assignment, which resulted in drawing nothing but sports figures for the next two years at the WSJ.

Sometimes, being ignorant can work to your advantage.

The drawing of Dick Vitale was fun. He has a great and expressive face, with wonderful features.
I am especially inspired by eyes. A lot of caricaturist go for the nose, but the eyes do it for me. If I can capture the eyes of a certain subject, I feel like I'm on third base, ( and I do know that expression).

My weekly drawings for PLAYBILL.com are usually limited to only a few characters, due, in part, to time restrictions. However, the musical of Cinderella had so many important characters, I spent extra time and created eight figures for this drawing. I'm exhausted, but happy to know that this week I'm drawing the one woman show, ANN, about the late Ann Richards.