03/29/2013 07:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tom Hanks in Lucky Guy on Broadway

This coming weekend, a new play by the late Nora Ephron will open on Broadway. Lucky Guy, starring two-time Oscar winner, Tom Hanks.

My drawing for PLAYBILL. com shows Ms. Ephron watching Mr. Hanks on stage. I love the stage, and I love drawing curtains, theater lights, and scenery. With this drawing, I got to draw a big curtain. I also had the chance to once again draw Tom Hanks, an actor with a great many wonderful features to draw.

I've been drawing Tom Hanks since the mid 1980's, when I did a weekly Sunday drawing for The Boston Herald. My first drawing was of Hanks as the adult child in the movie, BIG. Later, I drew him as Forrest Gump, as part of the poster art for a show called, "FORBIDDEN HOLLYWOOD."

I did a drawing of Nora Ephron for an article in the magazine, MIRABELLA, in the mid 1990's. I used some of that drawing for my new drawing. Sometimes I do that, if I feel I had captured the subject in a certain way, but I try to improve my old drawing, as I hate to repeat myself. There is no fun or challenge in copying one's own work.

If you've followed my work, you know that I don't draw anatomically correct features. I'm attracted to shapes that can represent the different features, without looking real. When this works, to me it's magic, and a fun and very creative experience.

When doing a pencil sketch of a person, I will try several different shapes and symbols for the various features, until I feel I have the look I want.

If you asked me why certain shapes and symbols work, and others do not, I could not tell you.
I'm guessing that our sense of vision can fill in the blanks, and allows what we are seeing to work, even if what we are seeing is not literal.

Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoy my efforts.