07/03/2007 11:53 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Don't Spend The 4th Of July In The ER

Why the hell do people buy home fireworks?

How many fingers and eyebrows do they have to lose? How many trailer parks have to burn down before they learn?

What parent in his right mind with children would set off something called a 12 inch "strike force missile"? Or a "Mad Dog", "Bazooka Bear", "Titanium Cracker", "Dragon's Wrath", "Big Mama Jama", "Brutal Force","Nuke Power", "Pull String Grenade", "Assorted Color Ammo Smoke", "Caliber Blast", "Car Bomb", "Big Earthquake", "Jumboshell Fountain", "Pyrogyro", "Cracker Jack in a Box", "Deadly Fire", "Battle of New Orleans", "Pay Back", "Mucho Grande - small" (isn't that an oxymoron?), "Air Raid", or of course the ever popular "So X*@! Good"?

Explain to me where these are "safe and SANE".

Better to go to a city park, ballpark, or Steven Spielberg's house. Enter a 5K race, cheer on a parade and pray that the grand marshal is someone more impressive than Bob Saget.

Have a wonderful day. Display your flag proudly. And celebrate the greatness that was America - 1776 to October 2000.