11/30/2007 01:20 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Making Chicken Salad Out of the AMPTP's New Proposal

The Writers Guild negotiating committee is taking the weekend to study the new proposal by the AMPTP. But don't get your hopes up. Upon examination their proposal is really a big rollback. By the time this thing is settled Carson Daly will be stealing Double Bubble comics for his lame jokes.

Most writers I know are very disappointed. One or two are silently relieved, thinking, "Oh shit! If this thing is over soon then I'm going to have to actually write that pilot/episode/screenplay."

The trick is not to get too disgusted. And yet it's hard to find a positive spin for all of this. But in the interest of keeping moral up I have found maybe the only good things to come out of the strike so far. I know it's a small list. If you have more, please tell me. I'm having a hard time believing the ones I have.

Anyway, they are...

The rest of the world has discovered that Nikki Finke's website is the place to go for information.

YouTube videos have gotten much funnier now that David Letterman writers have joined the junior high nerds from Lancaster, Pennsylvania who normally contribute these comedy classics.

It hasn't rained (in LA only - WGAE members ignore this one).

Many writers are getting cardiovascular exercise for the first time since 1988.

Agents for once have a legitimate excuse for not talking to their clients.

SAG has really stood by us.

Jesse Jackson has moved on.

And the biggest benefit - finally a new version of American Gladiators!

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