01/19/2013 08:14 am ET Updated Mar 21, 2013

5 Surefire Tips For Men On Valentine's Day

Every woman appreciates chocolates, negligees, dinner out and other gifts that a man can buy. But what gifts can a man give to a woman she can't buy (in addition to a teddy or fancy dinner), that reflect his love?

Here are a few suggestions your wife or girlfriend will talk about long after the chocolates are gone and the negligee ends up in the bottom of her underwear drawer.

1. Offer to clean her house or apartment. If you can't do it yourself, arrange to have it done. She'll love it, and she'll love you for your generosity of spirit.

2. Buy tickets to a theater production she's been talking about that you weren't keen to see. It's fair to warn her that you may fall asleep, and that it's okay to poke you in the ribs.

3. Make a Champagne brunch for her and her friends. Not toast and coffee, but a sumptuous feast. Pull out all the stops, and remember that cleaning up afterward is part of the gift.

4. Suggest having a conversation about your relationship that includes how you're feeling about it, and her. This can last as long as you can hold up your end of the dialogue. It's the gesture, not duration, that matters. Who knows, you may actually enjoy speaking from your heart.

5. Promise you'll become a better listener. Then deliver on your promise, for the rest of your relationship. You'll never learn anything about her by talking, so this gesture shows your interest in knowing her on a deeper level, which works in your favor anyway.

I can't promise your relationship will improve, but I can promise she'll remember your gifts for longer than she would a dinner out. She will see you as creative, unconventional and romantic in a sweet way. When given in the right spirit, these gifts will remind her that you're not just another guy, but a special one. Have a Happy Valentine's Day.

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