09/27/2012 08:18 am ET Updated Nov 27, 2012

The Real Thing

Singer/songwriters Kenny Loggins, Georgia Middleman and Gary Burr have created the new band Blue Sky Riders, and were profiled by Huff/Post50 in February. The band will release their debut album, "Finally Home" on January 22, 2013 and will be chronicling their experiences as a band in this blog.

Funny thing about a dream.

Even though you may have put in years of sweat to attain your goal, there always seems to be this bizarre sense of surprise, right at that moment when it all comes true. Even though every bone in your body knew it was just gonna happen, when it actually does, I guarantee shock and awe.

A week or so ago, Blue Sky Riders set out upon our first headlining tour. Our mission, should we choose to accept it: three weeks of traversing the eastern coast, playing every song from the new CD; converting 300 people at a time to our "just cause." A kind of Holy Quest, eh? A tour based on Divine Optimism, that's for sure; headlining before we even have a CD available in the marketplace. How very bizarre. Could this be a set up for major disappointment!? Let me get this right: A tour where no one knows the music yet? Really? Will anyone actually buy a ticket for that? And of those that do show up, will they just sit there in head-shaking disbelief? Best not to spend too much time engaged in such common-sense style logical negativity. "Cannons to the right of them, Cannons to the left of them..." Oops.

Onward...First stop, The Kent Stage, Kent Ohio, 9/13/2012.

Way back in '09 when I first called Gary and asked if he'd start a band with me, I had a quick flash (a "vision?") of hundreds of rowdy fans on their feet, dancing and cheering for more. (Probably a Beatle-dream leftover from my teenage years.) But here we are in September of '12, and I'll be damned: 300 people, a full house, have rushed the stage, dancing and cheering as we launch into "I'm a Rider cross the great unknown...cross the blue, cross the sky, you know I'm finally home," and darned if it isn't actually happening! Most of these folks have never even heard this song before, yet they're totally with us, celebrating our first show. Judging by the way "Dream" got a standing ovation in the middle of the show, I sense they are not only celebrating our courage for being willing to start our lives over in the face of intense cultural discouragement; they're also celebrating their own liberation. We're all in this together, and we know it. This is what my Nashville friends would call a "come to Jesus moment," and I am revived. This right here...? This is why I dreamed this dream. It's all been leading up to this moment, and I am suddenly, acutely aware of our purpose.

As the three of us run off the stage and into the dressing room, I'm caught off guard by a rush of emotion, a swell of relief and "holy crap," waves through me, and I gasp for air as if I'd been holding my breath for 2 years, finally ready to exhale and let in some new air. We are really here, here on the road, and the audience is real too. This isn't just a dream anymore. This is flesh and blood. Another miracle disguised as just another day?

You'd'a thunk this old road dog would'a been too seasoned to be surprised by this sort of thing. After all, I've seen audiences cheer before. But I don't want to be the cool one right now. This really is my "new trick," my new beginning; and if I've learned anything, I've learned enough to just let the fun in this time. Be amazed. Be very amazed.

"The difference between those that succeed and those that fail is, those that succeeded tried." ~ Mark Twain