10/13/2012 10:47 am ET Updated Dec 13, 2012

The 007 Wonders Of The World (PHOTOS)

Ladies' man, martini connoisseur and British Secret Service agent extraordinaire, Bond is not only the most famous spy on Her Majesty's payroll, he's also one of the world's most celebrated jetsetters. After 50 years and 22 films, Agent 007 has acquired his fair share of frequent flyer miles traveling throughout the planet's most exotic and iconic destinations. Be it playing high stakes games at the prestigious Monte-Carlo Casino, fighting bad guys on Sugarloaf Mountain, sinking floating hotels in Venice or climbing up Greece's hanging monasteries, visiting the settings of Bond's global adventures make for an exciting addition to any aspiring spy's bucket list!

Compiled by Bond Buffs from the Destination Experts at Kensington Tours, here are 007 Wonders of the World. Bon Voyage ... Bond Fans.

007 Wonders of the World - James Bond Style