08/09/2013 01:19 pm ET Updated Oct 09, 2013

Functional to Fashionable Fitness Threads

Quite the multi-tasker, I always find myself scheduling errands strategically before or after the gym. The order of my errands is based on the convenience of location in relation to my gym route and how prepared I am in having my post-workout meal. No matter what, though, I spend a good portion of my day either coming from or going to the gym in fitness attire. In an attempt to still feel "put together" while wearing minimal make up and stretch pants, I have a few tips on how to transition your wardrobe from strictly functional to fashionable.

One of the first ways to take your outfit from the gym to the mall is to switch your shoes. A lot of the latest sneaker fashions are incorporating some fashion-forward favorites: bright colors, shiny metallics and a little bit of bling. However, you can just as easily slide on a pair of trendy, seasonal boots. When it is chilly outside, I like to slip on neutral-colored faux fur boots over black athletic capri pants. If it is rainy or snowy outside, I would recommend a pair of flirty, pattern-inspired galoshes as a playful alternative. In warmer weather, it's fun to rock a pair of funky ballet flats with solid-colored, tapered stretch pants.

Lately I have been loving the new chic spin on an ever-classic hoodie. Whether I'm throwing on a cowl neck or asymmetrical zip-up hoodie, I put it over a vintage burnout long sleeve making it easy to peel off right before I hit the weights. Another favorite wardrobe piece are yoga wraps. I like to layer these over a white vintage burn out tank top and a bright sports bra to create a pulled-together workout outfit.

Once you have some basic mix-and-match pieces in your functional fitness wardrobe you can spice it up with some fashionable accessories. Since scarves are in season year-round, try coupling it with a white burn out tank or tee. For the Fall and Winter seasons, a cozy flannel or fleece fabric with a plaid pattern would be suitable. In the Spring and Summer months, a lighter, more breathable fabric with a floral pattern or bright color would be more appropriate. In addition, bangle bracelets or knee socks with a lace edge can take fashionable fitness to a whole other level.

The last detail of becoming a true Fitness Fashionista is to come prepared with a fabulous gym bag stocked with the essentials: face wash, deodorant, body mist, dry shampoo, shine spray, mascara, lip gloss and a hair brush. After a sweat session in the gym, it's always good to rinse your face with a mild face wash preventing potential breakouts. A fresh swipe of deodorant, a spritz of fruity body mist (my preference) and a quick coat of lip-gloss will make a big difference to create a more refreshed look. Dry shampoo or shine spray is optional, but it helps to smooth out frizz. I have found that the best way to wear your hair is to pull it back into a low ponytail, though I must admit that one of my secrets to hide not-so-clean hair is to add a small, sectional braid starting at the top of my part, continuing along the frame of my face and pulling it back into a ponytail. If it is a really bad hair day, just throw on a baseball cap and call it a day.

Now that you know all of my secret tips and tricks, I am curious to see what you end up rocking inside and outside of the gym!