12/06/2013 05:19 pm ET Updated Feb 05, 2014

Healthy Living Conversations Better Left Off the Holiday Table

Traditionally, families know to avoid the topics of politics and religion at the holiday dinner table. This season, battle cries about Obamacare and the pope's latest proclamation will ring out in households worldwide. But, here's fair warning about the silent mood killers: the healthy living conversations.

No matter which side of the issue you may be on, there are a few things you probably shouldn't say in mixed company.

If you love to work out, enjoy the taste of kale and consider yogurt with fruit to be dessert, here are some things you should try to hold back from blurting out during a decadent holiday feast:

1. "Ugh. Mashed potatoes and gravy? Do you know how many calories are in that?!"
2. "Has everyone read up on the latest studies about how many carbs you should eat per day?"
3. "I really hope this meat is organic. I only eat organic meat. There are so many hormones in that!"
4. "Excuse me, where do you keep your food scale? I need exactly three ounces of the leanest turkey I can find on this platter."
5. "Thank goodness I ran that half marathon this morning in preparation for this meal!"

But fair is fair. That means all the people aren't on the healthy-living train have to play along, too. Avoid picking a fight by avoiding all of the following:

1. "Are you allowed to eat that on your 'plan'?"
2. "I would have passed the cranberry sauce, but I thought you were on a no-sugar diet."
3. "So, what's your end goal anyway? To look like one of those 'manly chicks'?"
4. "You should really just start your diet after the New Year, like everyone else."
5. "Wow, you are looking so much better than before!" (No one likes to be reminded of the "before" while indulging.)
6. And any variation of "just have one," or "it won't kill you," or "live a little," because food bullying is no fun, no matter which party it is being directed towards.

So keep the peace among all parties this year. We can all co-exist in a world that brought us beets and Bundt cake. Everyone has an opinion and a way of life. We don't need to discuss it while dining.