12/06/2012 12:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How to Befriend an Internet Celebrity

These days, the world is full of Internet celebrities. There are Sexy Saxophone Players, Sneezing Pandas and that guy Fred, who I believe suffers from some kind of rare genetic defect in which his body ages but his voice, sadly, does not.

One of my favorite Internet celebrities -- whom I recently had the absolute pleasure of interviewing -- is Grace Helbig, star of My Damn Channel's Daily Grace show. With over 460,000 YouTube subscribers and over 72 million hits on her channel, Grace knows a thing or two about Internet Celebrity-ism (is that a word? Will someone look that up before this is published and edit accordingly? Also, while we're here, when I climb into bed at night, am I "lying" down or "laying" down? I can never remember that one).

As you'll see in this week's episode of Geeking Out, Grace Helbig and I became fast friends during our interview. At one point, when I even told Grace that I could feel the friendship sparks between us, she concurred, adding, "Something's definitely causing friction." I love her sense of humor.

I was able to win Grace over with a few simple gestures, which I'm happy to share, should you wish to meet and befriend your own favorite Internet celebs, like Jenna Marbles or that Charlie-Bit-My-Finger kid.

1. LEARN AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. I'm talking everything from allergies to family lineage to preferred brands of toilet paper. I wouldn't have been able to offer to clothes-sit* for Grace when she's out of town had I not known that she lives exactly 1.6 miles away from me!

2. TALK TO THEM ABOUT INTERNET-Y THINGS, like IP addresses, DHTML and click-through rates.

3. TALK TO THEM ABOUT CELEBRITY-Y THINGS, like One Direction, that Pregnant Duchess, and Steve Guttenberg.

4. WHEN YOU LEAVE THEM VOICEMAILS, GIVE YOURSELF A COOL NICKNAME. "Hey, Daily Grace! It's me, Minute-by-Minute Kerri! Wanted to make sure you got my last 3 messages about meeting up for scones and spaghetti tonight! I'll call you back in 15 minutes!"


*clothes-sitting is like cat-sitting, but with clothes.

Kerri Doherty is the creator and host of a brand new show on Official Comedy called Geeking Out - a fanatic and often awkward celebrity interview series hosted by everyone's #1 FAN. Don't miss the next episode, when she asks writer/director/comedian Michael Showalter to read her a poem about bums and twine.