01/04/2013 12:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

P.J. Byrne Is the Craziest* Man I've Ever Met (*Good Crazy)

New Jersey-born P.J. Byrne has appeared in films alongside some amazing fellow actors: Steve Carell and Paul Rudd in Dinner for Schmucks, Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Aniston in Horrible Bosses and stellar comedy duo Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis in The Campaign, just to name a few.

Despite sharing screen time with all of this A-list talent, P.J.'s performances always stand out as memorable ones. In our recent Geeking Out interview, I learned why P.J. encompasses the ability to steal every scene that he's in: the man is a free-flowing ball of crazy energy. While most Geeking Out guests simply walk onto the set, P.J. rode in on a skateboard and immediately knocked over a giant light stand. Over the course of our hour together, he:

  • Pretended to stab me multiple times with a back scratcher
  • Gestured so wildly that he knocked over my entire collection of desk books
  • Knighted me
  • Convinced me that P.J. is short for "Party Jumper"
  • Engaged me in rigorous breathing exercises
  • Massaged my calf muscles
  • Tried to crush my head between a fireball and glowing orb

Oh, and he stole my show. Twice.

Up next P.J. will appear in The Wolf of Wall Street, a film directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Though I have no doubt that P.J.'s performance will be a memorable one, Matthew McConaughey also stars in the film, and if he takes off his shirt like we all expect him to, Party Jumper Byrne might meet his greatest scene-stealing challenge yet.

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