10/09/2014 03:28 pm ET Updated Dec 08, 2014

How I Knew When To Change My Career

Honestly on a Sunday night, two years ago, my thoughts usually went like this; "I don't want to go to work tomorrow", "I hate my job" "I am dreading having to see...."

It's like I went from being a happy, loving life type of girl to an unhappy, burnt out, misery guts... I'm not even joking. I know I swear but my swearing on a Sunday got a whole lot worse!

I was just so unhappy and living for the weekend in my Legal corporate career.

I was looking for a solution and my boyfriend's solutions and practicality weren't cutting it. All I could think was "What would he know? He loves his job!"

Maybe I wanted empathy. I felt that I wanted someone or anyone to know what I was going through. I knew my family wanted me to find another Legal job but I knew deep down that wasn't what I wanted.

I know that they had my best intentions at heart but all I could think was that they don't know I am going to bed miserable and waking up miserable regardless of all that money spent on my education.

Didn't they want me to be happy?

I know they did but I think engrained in their minds, was the old school thought that when you find a career, you stick with it until retirement.

I couldn't think of anything worse.

I got to the point where enough was enough. I started to work on my mindset first and then took action on finding other jobs where I could use my skill set.

I found a way out from a frustrating, unfulfilling, boring corporate career and changed jobs because I knew my emotional and physical health were going down the drain.

The reality was that my career nightmare had created a ripple effect on my family members. I wasn't a nice person to be around.

I was basically dragging myself kicking and screaming to the front door every morning, you know like a child taking a tantrum because they didn't get the toy they wanted? Yes, not a pretty sight.

I knew I was meant for more. I could feel that I had a bigger and better purpose. I just didn't know what.

I was put in this Legal career box and I wanted to get out of it. It didn't happen overnight and I changed my career a few times from Fashion and Acting to now coaching other smart women how to change their careers.

The thing is that when we become so burnt out, we can lose sight of other career opportunities out there and you know as a woman, we can put everyone first before ourselves.

My coaching programme If Not Now, When? was what I asked myself over two years ago. If I didn't act now, when was I going to?

An inner voice kept getting stronger and stronger, "Get out now, or risk hating your job and yourself for the rest of your life."

I know that sounds dramatic, but it was the wake-up call I needed.

If you really want to change your career, that voice won't go away, it haunts you every time something happens to make you want to leave your current career.

So let me ask you this, you beautiful, smart career woman who wants to change her career, if not now, when?

Kerri x