09/16/2014 04:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

My Amazing Facebook Vacation

This month I decided to do something I had been thinking about doing for a long time: a Facebook vacation. I had two weeks of vacation days saved up at work and I finally allowed myself to show some important self-love and use them. Best decision ever!

On day one of the vacation I woke up, logged on to Facebook, and didn't log off for two whole weeks! It was pure bliss. I didn't make myself do ANYTHING else but just be one hundred percent and in the moment on Facebook. It was even better than it sounds! (If that's possible!)

Every minute was very special. I made some new friends, had some great conversations, and really feel like I improved my Internet personality everyday. I highly recommend this to anyone feeling like they just don't have enough time to log in and keep up their digital presentation of themselves! Of course, returning back to the "real world" was kind of a bummer after such an awesome vacation, but I know that the memories will absolutely last me a lifetime!

Although it was a magical experience, there are a few things I would do differently on my next Facebook vacation. Here are some tips if you're about to embark on the journey:

1. Have all of your meals planned out on Seamless ahead of time. This way you only have to be torn away from Facebook for 1-2 minutes because of food forging issues.

2. Run to the bathroom, don't walk. It saves time that you could spend liking your friends photos!

3. Don't give in to sleep so easily. Fight it. Hard. Your Facebook life will thank you.

Here are some pictures from my vacation: