08/22/2012 04:06 am ET Updated Oct 21, 2012

7 Surprising Answers To "Should We Stay Together For The Kids?"

Should you stay together for the kids? It's a dilemma that many spouses in troubled marriages wrestle with. Divorced couples may look back and wonder, "Should we have tried to make it work for the kids' sake?" Some reason that sacrificing their own happiness by staying in an unhappy marriage is a necessity to help ensure their children's happiness. Others ultimately decide to split because they don't want their children to learn that staying in a truly unhealthy marriage is "normal."

Which answer is right? And what do the kids think? Would they prefer that mom and dad stay together no matter what? Many people have weighed in on this topic on my online confessional, and some are featured in my bestselling book, "Secret Regrets Volume 1: What If You Had A Second Chance?"

I've included several candid and heartfelt excerpts from both parents and children, exploring all angles of the issue. Take a look, and then tell us what you think and what your experience has been. You can comment here or anonymously at

7 Surprising Answers To “Should We Stay Together For The Kids?”