10/16/2012 03:25 am ET Updated Dec 15, 2012

Women Tell All: 6 Regrets That Could Break Up Your Marriage

If the activity on the website is any indication, there are a lot of women harboring secret regrets in their marriage. Regrets they can't reveal to their spouses because it could signal the beginning of the end for their marriage. But they have revealed them anonymously in this online confessional, and many are featured in the bestselling Secret Regrets book series.

Here are six secret regrets of married women, taken from Secret Regrets Volume 2: Moving Past Your Past.

6 Secret Regrets Of Married Women

If you have a secret regret in your marriage, you can anonymously confess it at -- and read more regrets like these in Secret Regrets Volume 1: What if you had a Second Chance? or Secret Regrets Volume 2: Moving Past Your Past.