05/24/2013 10:02 am ET Updated Jul 24, 2013

Ginger Software Maps One Trillion English Sentences Online To Personalize Language Learning

Anyone who has learned a second language knows that using non-mother tongue in real-life situations can be unnerving. Just ask any English speaker who has ever thought the Spanish word "embarazada" means "embarrassed." (Hint: It doesn't.)

Helping English as a second language (ESL) learners master the language in context often takes pricey college courses, study abroad programs and tutors, but Ginger Software aims to change that. The company recently announced the release of Ginger Coach, a personalized software program that uses natural English sentences to help non-native English learners improve their language skills.

Too often, fill-in-the-blank methods are used to help non-native speakers learn English, leading to embarrassing contextual mistakes when users practice in real-time. Ginger Software mapped one trillion English sentences on the Web to create an algorithm that understands English used in context. The natural language software analyzes a user's mistakes in context, identifies them and presents the learner with short lessons to help them fix their recurring mistakes.

The personalized approach to language learning helps users to refine their language skills in real-time. The company -- founded in Tel Aviv in 2008 -- raised an impressive $20 million in venture funding to create the software, now available on the Web and Android devices.

And this isn't the only tool Ginger Software has released to help make language learners' lives easier. Last year, the company released the Ginger Proofreader, a tool that corrects for grammar and spelling errors. Over 2 million ESL speakers in the U.S. and abroad downloaded the program to help fine-tune their English skills. Ginger Coach will be offered alongside Ginger Proofreader in a new premium package offered to users.

Just as the Web is changing the way we read, socialize, and shop, so too is it changing the way we learn language. Backed up by real-world Web sentences working as a contextual guide, Ginger Software's technology stands to significantly improve English learners' experience without the help of pricey textbooks or tutors. The program is now available on the Web and Android devices worldwide.