12/17/2012 11:19 am ET Updated Feb 16, 2013

Four Types of Organizations Making an Impact Post-Hurricane Sandy

Weeks after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast, many communities are still picking up the pieces. Although the storm itself is long gone, millions of dollars in damages in many areas means there are still plenty of citizens whose lives continue to be impacted by the storm.

That's why a number of companies and organizations have stepped up to provide relief efforts. We often hear about the damages incurred during the storm, but what of those organizations that are helping to make a difference? Here are four types of organizations making an impact post-Hurricane Sandy:

1. Private Companies

After Sandy hit, Corporate Responsibility magazine called for the U.S. private sector to make public commitments to providing relief, and many companies have already stepped up to help citizens on the East Coast. One such company is a la mode, inc., a real estate technology provider. After the storm, mortgage lender orders for disaster inspection reports surged to 200 times the normal level. That's why a la mode announced that its Mercury Network service would completely waive feeds related to gathering disaster reports in the affected areas. Interested parties can learn more here.

2. Political Activism Groups

Occupy Wall Street made big waves when it started the conversation about declining trust in business and frustrations over our capitalistic economy last year. After Hurricane Sandy, the movement acted quickly to get volunteers on the ground in the affected areas, appropriately dubbing its efforts as Occupy Sandy. Volunteers have set up camp at churches and other locations on the East Coast, and the organization has already raised $412,000 and counting for relief efforts.

3. Community Organizations

Along with private companies and political groups, local community organizations are also stepping up to provide relief efforts. For instance, The Chinatown Partnership and Chinatown Business Improvement District are raising grant money to help struggling businesses in the area, as parts of Chinatown were in flooding Zone A, which was evacuated during the storm. And in New Jersey, the Two River Theatre Company provided solace to children affected by the storm, presenting a "One Book, One Community" program that allowed children to enjoy books and a show. Two River is also hosting a free performance on Dec. 11 for families affected by Sandy.

4. The Auto Industry

Although many individuals and community organizations have dedicated time and money to hurricane relief, the auto industry has also demonstrated an outpouring of support. BMW of North America, based in New Jersey, has given $1 million to American Red Cross for recovery efforts, and Ferrari, Ford, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Mazda, General Motors, Toyota, and Volkswagon have also made considerable donations to the American Red Cross as of early November.

These are just a few of many organizations that have demonstrated an outpouring of support for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Although there's still much work left to do, the outpouring of support shows that America's individuals and organizations are continually dedicated to helping its communities in the event of disaster.