07/15/2010 06:06 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

If Exposing the Climate Deniers Makes Me a Scumbag, So Be it

What do you get when you cross a retired weatherman with a wannabe British aristocrat?

No wait, that's not it.

A retired weatherman and a former political hack for Margaret Thatcher walk into a bar and the bartender tells them both that if they want a drink they have to stop pretending they're experts in climate science.

Oh, and they should stop calling people (like me) a scumbag, it just makes them less attractive to the ladies at the bar than they already are.

Enough with the joke metaphors.

Someone sent along a post written by the puzzling Christopher Monckton -- the guy with a penchant for high-brow verbiage and accusations of Nazi-facist activities. The post was on Anthony Watts' blog -- the retired weatherman and equally as unqualified as our Monckton when it comes to the science of climate change.

It looks as though Watts has taken to calling me a "scumbag." Here's the screenshot where "A" responds to one of his reader's comments:


Watts should know that I go ballistic at least 10 times a day about something or other (today it was my coffee cup lid leaking every time I took a sip). As for me being a scumbag... well I would say to that, grow up.

It must be getting frustrating for the likes of Watts and Monckton to be sliding back into obscurity now that the climategate scandal has been determined by no less than three different inquiries to be nothing more than manufactured hot air.

Watts and Monckton have both been breathless activists when it comes to using the stolen emails to fit their conspiracy theories around climate change and now that they have been proven incorrect they must be feeling a little bit hurt.

At least for Watts it looks like that has taken the form of name-calling.