04/25/2012 12:57 pm ET Updated Jun 25, 2012

Music As Message Instead of Ménage à Trois

Whether it is music, novel, painting, clay or any other medium, art has always been used to send a message. While not a child of the '60s, I still loved the music, like "Where Have All the Flowers Gone" by Peter, Paul and Mary or anything by Bob Dylan.

I am pretty sure Katy Perry is not sending much of a political message when she thinks she had a ménage à trois "Last Friday Night."

Is music as a message dead? I don't think so; I just think that it is dead in pop culture. So to that end I am seeking out and promoting (and hope all of you will too), artists who are sending a message.

First is the performer Jeremy Fisher, who I have been following for years, and who has written very catchy beats on everything from environmental degradation to the horrors of Abu Ghraib.

His new song "Built to Last" talks about ditching your car for bike and slowing down your life. You can download it free here.

What other artists are out there sending a message? Add a comment and links and I can use this forum and others to highlight artists making a difference!

And here are the lyrics to Jeremy's new song "Built to Last:"

I'm lazy and I don't mean maybe
rather roll in the daisies with my lil lady than
slave away all damn day and all damn night for a maximum wage
no hurries, no worries let my hair grow curly
if i even ate worms i wouldn't get up early
to race the rats, they're just too fast and there's always a catch in the claws of a cat coz


it's easier to sit on yer ass
ditch the car and save a little cash
if you wanna travel first class then
ride a bike that's built to last

mmm hmm, no sweat
feels good to work less

i got bare feet and enough to eat
apples from a tree, honey from a bee
i get my love from givin, my eggs from a chicken and i call my friends when something needs fixin
mix my time between work and play
sweet and sour makes a good lemonade
i like to get paid, love to trade
i'd rather burn slow than fade away


the world i've found is big and round
lotsa ocean and a little bit of ground
there's water you drink, water you don't and i'm starting to think that we're gonna need em both
but i guess whatever nothing lasts forever
not the stars in the sky, not you and me together
if you got it good don't knock on wood just live the life that you wish you could