09/21/2012 06:01 pm ET Updated Nov 21, 2012

Surprisingly Some Democrats are Loving the Koch Money

A Democrat taking money from Koch Industries seems to me akin to an anti-war protester taking money from an bomb maker.  

Given the major publicity the Koch Bros. and their massive right-wing Republican machine have been getting over the last couple of years, it was suprising to see that a few Koch checks have been cashed this election cycle by candidates for the Democratic Party. 

While the amounts are paltry compared the stacks of millions doled out by corporations like Koch Industries in an election year, these Democratic candidates should think again about taking any money from a company so despised by the political left. 

So far this year the Koch Industries Policital Action Committee has donated over $1.1 million to candidates running for the House of Representatives with almost all of that going to Republican hopefuls. But $23,000 in donations has been cashed by Democrats, they are:

John Barrow running for a seat in Georgia cashed $10,000 in Koch money.

Dan Boren running in Oklahoma cashed $2,000 in Koch money.

Colin Peterson running in Minnesota cashed $5,500 in Koch money.

Mike Ross running in Arkansas cashed $6,000 in Koch money.

Again, not a lot of money and not a lot of Democratic candidates have taken money here, but like most things in politics the principle counts for as much if not more than the money.

I mean seriously. The money isn't worth it and I would suggest it would be a very symbolic and powerful gesture for these four candidates to return their Koch money and refuse to have anything to do with them. 

You can do exactly that by signing our petition kindly asking Barrow, Boren, Peterson and Ross to send back their Koch money.