12/28/2012 09:36 am ET Updated Feb 27, 2013

Hiring More Veterans Is One Resolution We Can All Keep in 2013

With the year winding to a close, I am sure we are all reflecting on 2012, and making resolutions for the New Year. Each year, I start out with the best of intentions when I make my resolutions. Last year for example, I swore I was going to exercise more, and the year before, I had full intentions of learning a new language. Guess what, I am 10 pounds heavier, and I still only speak English except for a few Spanish and French words. Knowing that most resolutions go unachieved, I gave extra thought this year to what I could commit and stick to, and what I came up with was "Doing all I can to help more veterans find employment after serving the nation"

This is one resolution I know I can stick to, and I encourage those employers who are fortunate enough to be hiring this year to also consider making this a business resolution for 2013. There is no shortage of employers who would be open to hiring more veterans, but what I am proposing is for them to adopt a military recruiting program, and to seek out this talent as best they can. With a little focus and effort, we can recruit, hire, and retain some of the best talent our organizations will ever have. These men and women have been entrusted with protecting our way of life and freedoms, so I am sure you will agree that they are more than qualified and capable of working for us. Here are just a few tips to aid you in your efforts.

1. Start a veterans group at your company. Open this up and encourage participation. Too often, veterans do not advertise that they have served for a wide range of reasons, but something as simple as a company veterans group will go a long way. Have the group meet monthly and coordinate activities in the community. The folks who join will be your biggest salespeople in attracting more veterans to your organization.

2. Take the time to understand what the veteran has done in the military, and help them translate that to jobs you may have available. Many times, they only know one or two jobs that match their military occupation code, but with a little help, both sides will quickly realize that they are also qualified for many other jobs. Consider placing a military skills translator on your career page to help them is one example

3. Review your company website and career page, and designate a place that clearly sends the message "veterans wanted, needed, and appreciated" Again, this is the difference between being willing to hire, and seeking them out

4. Find recruiting events that are military focused, and participate. My firm hosts virtual career fairs which allow you to recruit veterans nationwide without even having to leave your office.

Of course, there are many other things we can all do to ensure that every veteran who wishes to find work after serving, is able t do so, but the three things above are a great start to us keeping this resolution.

Happy New Year