05/23/2013 10:17 am ET Updated Jul 23, 2013

Revolutionizing the Job Board With ChattyJob

If you are someone who has used a job board to search for a job lately, you are probably annoyed with the clutter you have to sift through to actually find a job of interest. When you do find a job and apply, do you wonder where it is going, and if anyone is even seeing it? Each month, more than 30 million people search for jobs on Monster and Indeed alone, and navigating can often be confusing and discouraging.

There is a new service that has recently hit the market that is sure to disrupt the job board space, and it is both a refreshing and unique approach to online job searching. ChattyJob.Com not only allows you to view and apply for jobs, but they have also made it possible for the job seeker to connect live with the employers who are actually posting the jobs. They achieve this by giving the job seeker access to their virtual career fair that is always open.

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Each employer has their own virtual booth that has everything the job seeker would need to know when considering their next employer. There is a calendar on the website that lists the dates and times of virtual career fairs, or when employers are online and available to chat.

If you visit an employer booth when an employer is not online, you can email recruiters from the company by clicking on the Email a Recruiter box in each booth.

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Another nice feature is the only companies that can post their jobs are those who have a virtual booth in the career fair. You do not have to wonder if the job is from the actual company, or a recruiter and all employers must offer full time employment only.

ChattyJob also does a monthly IPad giveaway for job seekers who register for an account.

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