11/09/2012 03:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Best Way to Thank our Nation's Finest This Veterans Day Is to Hire Them

Sunday, November 11th is Veterans Day as I am sure we all know, and there will be no shortage of support for those who have served and sacrificed on behalf of our great nation. There will be parades, news coverage, hundreds if not thousands of events and memorials, but what happens after Sunday?

In my opinion, the best way we can thank the men and women who have worn the uniform is to help them make the transition back to civilian life as smooth as possible, and that starts with being able to find a good paying, rewarding and fulfilling job in the civilian world.

We are proud to host a very unique recruiting event on Sunday in honor of Veterans Day that will connect thousands of active duty, guard/reservists, veterans and military spouses with dozens of industry leading employers from all over the country We typically host these events during normal business hours to accommodate the recruiters who actually staff the virtual booths, but they have graciously donated their own personal time this weekend to work the event.

If you are a service member or military spouse, we strongly encourage you to register and participate because there are more than 32,000 available jobs available with the employers who are going to be participating, and you can attend from the comfort and convenience of home.

To all of you who are serving, or have served, we sincerely thank you for your service, but more importantly, we are here to help you make your transition as smooth as possible by helping you find employment.