12/19/2012 04:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

We Have Air Marshals on Planes, So Why Not School Marshals?


The tragedy at Sandy Hook last Friday is yet another example of just how unprotected our children are when we send them off to school, and should be a wakeup call to the nation that we all need to step up our efforts to do all we can to ensure that our kids are as safe at school as they are at home.

After 9/11 one of the first things the government did was to beef up security on flights all across the country and world, and that was after one incident that was beyond horrific, but nevertheless they took action right away. So why is it that we do not do the same for our schools that are already government funded with taxpayer dollars? I don't know of any parent who would not pay a little extra in school taxes if it meant their children were safer.

My firm hosts virtual career fairs for veterans and military spouses each month, and with the unemployment rate for younger veterans over 10%, I wondered why not offer School Marshall positions to them. Local law enforcement could handle the training, and it could be a 12 month internship that hopefully leads to full time employment at the conclusion.

What are some of the benefits?

The sick people who perform these heinous acts would think twice if they knew there were School Marshalls. This is evident in that they seem to kill themselves when law enforcement shows up.

Our children would be safer. Veterans would be gaining valuable skills, contributing to society, and ultimately securing meaningful employment after serving the country. This would result in contributing to a lower unemployment rate over time.

I know this would be a huge undertaking, but tell me if you know of any local law enforcement group who would not support the training of a veteran to act in this role, and we spend money on bridges to nowhere, and studying male prostitutes in Vietnam, so why not focus our money and attention where it can actually be put to the best use.

I am no expert by any means when it comes to things of this magnitude, but why not write your Congressman and at least ask if they would support it.