01/15/2015 02:09 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Fit Wishes for 2015

May your road ahead be clear, smooth and peaceful! Here's how to enjoy head-to-toe fitness in 2015.


From the power of rest, to stretching out tension, to building strength in your heart and lungs, to improving your trunk and core and looking after your toes, I have created a simple list of priority areas to focus on for the entire year.

For whole body health in 2015, here's what I wish for you:

Head: May silence be present when you rest. Practice thinking creatively for a few moments every day.

Neck and Shoulders: May the tension you hold when talking on the cell, typing on the computer driving the car be released by exercises that drop the shoulders, hold the head back neutral to the hips, and stretch the muscles three times a day.

Heart and Lungs: May the endurance of these organs increase with age. Breathing hard while exercising builds the system's strength and is surprisingly often neglected in many strengthening programs. Make sure you sweat from exercise seven days a week.

Trunk and Core: May the waistline decrease with rigorous abdominal, spine, musculature and butt muscle workouts. Power in the mid line keeps the belly button in.

Legs: May squats be your friend. This exercise, when done well, trains the entire muscle trunk system. Nearly every sport benefits and so do the activities of daily living.

Ankles: May you not forget the far away ankles. Surprisingly little loss of motion at the ankle leads to abnormal gait and pain in the knees and hips.

Feet: May your round toe shoes become hot fashion items. Squished toes make grouchy, beautiful people.

Diet: May the foods you eat compliment your physique. Protein is the best fuel. Increase your protein and limit your carbs. Hydrate with plain water at least eight times a day. All your cells will thank you for it.

Wishing you head-to-toe fitness in 2015!