08/09/2013 07:32 am ET Updated Oct 09, 2013

The Great White Capital of the World

It's called Shark Alley, and it will blow your mind!

The producers of Shark Week inevitably end up there each and every year to put together the material presented on the Discovery Channel's most successful and longest running marketing effort.

I remember growing up with Shark Week on my television each year, but never dreaming I would be able to see it for myself. Unfortunately, the producers of Shark Week tend to cloak their presentations in larger-than-life myths and exaggerations. But there's a fantastic way to cut through the hype and dive into what great whites are really all about. Travel to see them!

This 3 Minute Postcard shows you what's it's like to travel to Shark Alley, South Africa and take the 20 minute boat trip to the highest concentration of great white sharks we know of. Not only will you have the thrill of a lifetime, but you'll be helping to advance the research, conservation, and preservation that helps ensure they'll be many shark weeks for years to come.