09/10/2013 01:02 pm ET Updated Nov 10, 2013

Spend Your Christmas on the Beach in Rio

The typical North American Christmas (the one from my youth) was a cold and wintery affair. A majority of Americans are accustomed to associating Christmas with evergreen trees, snowflakes, fireplaces, and warm eggnog.

Spending your Christmas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is the holiday of my youth totally reimagined: Beaches, sun, tanned bodies, and cold caipirinhas (the national drink of Brazil).

This 3 Minute Postcard shows you a glimpse of the year's end holiday season in a city with the largest set of urban beaches in the world. Rio de Janeiro will host the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, but each and every day it plays host to a carefree beach lifestyle easy to envy.