06/25/2015 03:46 pm ET Updated Jun 25, 2016

Why Christians Aren't Being Oppressed By Gay Marriage


Mike Huckabee proclaimed that the United States is "moving toward criminalization of Christianity as a result of legalizing same-sex marriage." Some far right pundits are calling for a ban on rainbow flags with the insistence that they represent the intolerance of Christianity. Many fundamentalist evangelicals do not view the legalization of gay marriage as a win for freedom, rather an attack on their faith.

Fundamentalists are stating, quite clearly, that a tenant of their faith is to hinder gay rights. In fact, attempting to hinder their hinderance will be interpreted as persecution. They are telling the world in order for them to feel right, someone else needs to be wrong. They are following a Christ that commands them to put another man down, and to fight to protect the right to do so.

They need a wake up call. If there is a victim of your belief -- no matter how sincere and heartfelt -- you are not the oppressed. You are the oppressor.

Let me tell you what oppression is. Oppression is the years of mental abuse I endured at the hands of pastors attempting "pray away the gay" therapy. Oppression is the baseball bat that cracked the skull of my best friend in college as we left a gay bar one night. Oppression is when my friend Jesse lost almost everything when his partner of nearly 25 years died unexpectedly. They had no legal protection. To make it worse, his family wouldn't allow him in the hospital room.

Are Chrisitans feeling uncomfortable now that they are getting called out for their homophobic beliefs? Oh, that must be so hard.

Enough with the double-whammy intolerance game. Objecting to the intolerance of intolerance will not be tolerated. To say it a little easier, no one feels sorry for the bully.